VI Personal Trainer and Fitness Tracker Review

vi tracker review

Having a true luxury item not only means having a 5 Star kitchen set , or a highly priced living room sofa. But it also means you could be having a great fitness personal trainer with you guiding you for a long last support.

We would like to introduce you to VI personal fitness trainer!


What is the VI personal trainer you might ask?

LifeBEAMS Vi is an Artificial intelligence personal trainer earphones that tracks daily activity and adjusts to your normal fitness goals overtime. VI would coach and train you constantly with its powerful sound delivery powered by Harman Kardon.

Features includes heart rate monitoring, Speed tracking, and GPS


Ever since the release of the personal tracker customers have had a great experience with this device and continues to build a consistent great reputation.

Like most Bluetooth earphones, Vi accompanies a measuring pack of gel tips and blades so you can alter the earbud fit to your ears. This part is vital, in light of the fact that if the earphones don’t fit appropriately, they won’t have the capacity to track your heart rate. Additionally incorporated into the case are a little conveying case and a USB charger. These earphones get up to eight hours of battery life on a solitary charge, which implies you can press in a couple of days of run-following or charge them around evening time in case you’re wearing them throughout the day.

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VI Fitness: The design

The vi personal trainer is designed to be worn behind the neck with the ear buds representing the regular inbud ear phones we see in the new earphones of today.

While this hearable carries a lot of of features it doesn’t compromise the comfort level of its design, its wingtips helps the user adjust the earphones to their desire. and its good practice to adjust the comfort settings before diving into using it.


LifeBEAM Vi: Fitness tracking

While this product is great for fitness tracking, its not entirely great for running in doors and its made for people who are doing fitness activities outside the home.

LifeBeams Vi fitness tracker comes with a fully function GPS and optical heart rate sensors, which is distributed to each earbud, and an accelerometer and a gyrometer.